Teso Enterprise Consulting and Marketing Association (TECOMA)

Founded In 2012 , our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping communities !

TECOMA has good and well-founded thoughts and intentions, provides capacity building activities for her member and the local communities, offers consultancy and marketing services for the members and the farmer community agricultural production with a view of improving community livelihoods. With the latent potentials within ourselves to contribute positively to attain our desired goals and objectives, TECOMA is committed to work as a team and in partnership with all the necessary stakeholders to achieve their desired goals and objectives.

Projects in TECOMA are designed in close consultation with the communities it works with using community participatory approaches for enhancement of ownership and sustainability. Projects designed are therefore need-based. Through these participatory development approaches, TECOMA acts as a facilitator rather than an implementer, and communities become active participants in projects, rather than passive recipients.

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