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Director TECOMA Uganda with a group of women living with HIV/Aids eat a Moringa leaf source served with posho bread in Toroma health centre. They say it has tremendously improved on their CD4 count and boosted their immunity. They always educate other people living with HIV/Aids on the health and nutritional benefits Moringa and encourage them to eat Moringa products.

Moringa fresh leaf source pasted with groundnuts ready for consumption in Toroma Health centre in Katakwi District. The fresh leaf source is prepared within a period of 15 minutes to prevent the vitamins from getting denatured.

Fresh leaves are harvested from a Moringa demonstration garden within the health centre. Yellow leaves and sticks are removed because they have low nutrient content. After the sorting, clean water is set to boil while the fresh leaves are washed with cold water. After washing, they are placed in the boiling water. After 10 minutes, groundnut paste is added and left to boil for at least 5 minutes before it is removed to be served.

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