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In a bid to broaden her operational capacity to achieve strengthen and sustain all her objectives, TECOMA has done extensive baseline surveys and has developed the following concept notes:


The green school project. A project concept note aimed at tree planting in 10 selected primary schools in Magoro, Kapujan, Omodoi and Ngariam sub counties in Katakwi District. This are the most affected sub counties in terms of destruction of vegetation cover as a result of human activities like charcoal burning and construction. The effects of climate change like prolonged dry spells and flooding during rain seasons is very massive.


Basic skills training for child/young mothers. The conflicts that the TESO sub region underwent, including internal displacement from Karimojong calle raids as well as displacement by the Lords Resistance movement disrupted the normal socio economic life of the communities. The worsed population that was a ffected was the young girls most of whom ended with unwanted pregnancies and now resulting to a large number of child mothers who can not fend for themselves and their children.


The meeting point project. This concept goal is to address HIV/AIDS challenges that are affecting the young people both in and out of school. This project in its plan will highly complement and improve on communication among the young people in the area of HIV/AIDS spread in the community. Livelihood initiatives for women farmer groups. Research findings indicate that women are key stakeholder in production in TESO households. Their level of organisation and commitment to work for household development has been proven yet Government and partner interventions are still very low. TECOMA intends to pilot livelihood projects on plant and animal farming in three parishes in Kapujan and Magoro sub counties for a period of three years focusing working with women group.


Microfinance capacity building project. the government of Uganda is promoting microfinance investment for communities through formation of Savings and credit Associations. However a little effort is put in building the capacity of these groups to be able to grow and sustain their initiatives. TECOMA has developed a microfinance support approach that will empower the community groups to be able to package and manage microfinance products and initiatives for sustainable development.


Community rights based advocacy. The planning processes are set by government. However demanding for services from Government is still very low because of the fact that there is no effort to build the capacity of the communities to demand for services. This is the area TECOMA wants to invest her efforts to raise community awareness about their rights and stimulate demand for duty bearers to offer effective and efficient services to the citizens.


It is against the above background the TECOMA UGANDA needs support from partners locally and internationally (both individuals and charities) to take up with any of the above concepts in order to contribute to the development of the people in need here in Uganda.


To get involved, or see how you can help, please contact us.

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