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The whole of a Moringa plant can be eaten either raw or cooked. Significantly, all the plant parts have health and nutritional benefits.

Moringa Leaves

In general, it is up to the consumer to decide how he/she wants to consume the leaves. There is no overdose since it’s a nutritional supplement.

  • The leaves can be eaten
  • Raw leaves can be used to make
  • Can be used to make local sauce by adding groundnut paste or
  • They can also be fried like other green vegetables (Dodo, Cabbage, Nakati, etc).
  • Can be dried for making Moringa
  • Can be dried for making Moringa leaf
  • Fresh leaves can be blended to make

Moringa Pods

  • Pods can be cooked like French
  • Can be fried. In Senegal, Pods of Moringa can be bought from the market for preparation as sauce.
  • Pods can also be eaten

Moringa Seeds

  • Seeds used for Moringa propagation
  • Seeds are used for the extraction of Moringa seed oil which has been compared with olive oil.
  • They are also used for cleaning water in areas where there is limited access to clean water.
  • The seed cake is used as a feed for the poultry and
  • Moringa seeds can also be chewed for healthier

Moringa Flowers

  • Flowers of Moringa can be used for making tea which treats colds. The tea also helps in the cleaning of the urinary
  • The flowers are used for making a fragrance for the face and skin removing

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