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Programmes & Services

Health & Nutrition

TECOMA works to reduce rural poverty and food nutrition insecurity by improving agricultural systems. Scientific and technological advancement increases opportunities to provide education on nutritional and hygienic best practices for children and young adults aged 5 through 20 years old, and their families. TECOMA also assists in improving household and institutional access to safe water and sanitation.

Photo: Soroti District Health Educator training some of the beneficiaries on good hygiene practices in handling food products under the Moringa Value Chain Development Project.

Food Security and Livelihood

TECOMA works to increase food production and productivity among targeted farmers, for both household and commercial use. We contribute to the agricultural value chain development, and help facilitate farmer access to information, education, and technology.

Photo: Moringa Production at the Processing room in Soroti Municipality

Advocacy and Good Governance

TECOMA aids in strengthening the capacity of community to lobby and influence agricultural policies. We promote the peaceful resolution of conflicts at the community and inter-tribal level.

Photo: Our team participated in a radio show Voice Of Teso to sensitize the communities in Teso Sub-Region on the nutritional and health benefits of Moringa, and on how access to Moringa products.

Environment and Climate Change

TECOMA aims to promote fuel efficiency and the conservation of endangered trees. Establishing woodlots, and advancing technology makes this possible at the household and institutional level.

Photo: The green school project. A project aimed at tree planting in selected primary and secondary schools in Teso and Karamoja regions.

Partnerships and Institutional Structures

TECOMA values partnerships and international relations to help strengthen its communities.

Photo: Stakeholder meeting on nutrition situation in Teso Sub region with Health Centre officials from Lale Health Centre, Asuret Health Centre, Tubur Health Centre in Soroti District.

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